” Dom began music at the age of 5, on piano and later, classical guitar. By the time he was 14 years old he acquired and old electric guitar fascinated by the worlds of of Andy Summers, Eddie Van Halen and a then-new and emerging guitarist from Ireland called “Edge”.
Growing up in Northern England at that time provided a social backdrop from which much of the British post punk music scene emerged, Dom formed or joined many a local band with sources of inspiration coming not only from the legacies of the Beatles, and 70’s rock, but in the colourful and ever changing music scenes of the 80’s.

As most stories go, there was a “girl” (a French girl); and something clicked during a university year out to France and he ended up staying. In 1997, he formed the band “Indigo Stories” with a line-up of French musicians and recorded his first solo album. But it was the collaboration with Olivier de Vellis a few years later in Paris that led to the creation of “Kensington”; who quickly established themselves on the Parisian scene with a strong live set, especially with the release of their 2nd album “Colonel Mustard and the Candlestick”

After fronting “Kensington” for nearly 4 years, Dom decides to pursue a solo project and begins writing material for the new album. The album would be called “Sleeping at the Wheel” (released in 2009 )and would mark a change in direction reflecting a deeper approach to song-writing that a solo

The Album «Sleeping at the Wheel uncovers songs that are fascinating and involved, yet with the muddy reality of a lad who grew up in Northern England, producing the kind of result only earned after painful introspection on life and of course love.
Where melody meets power we find Dom Hutton’s rich arrangements of pure and simple song-writing. Hutton blends a suave soulful voice that can register the deep reflection of an artist, along with a definite rock sound and meaningful lyrics that captivate listeners.

Despite much time spent in France, Dom Hutton’s style remains true to his «melodic English pop-rock» roots, with influences ranging from McCartney, Police, Paddy McAloon, Paul Weller, Phil Lynott, and more recent acts such as Richard Ashcroft, and Coldplay..
This unabashedly-80’s post-punk inspired Brit-pop artist combines grit with catching harmonies and jangly guitars for brilliantly-inspired (not-to-mention hopelessly heartbreaking) song-writing that reveals an undeniable gift for melody and wistful lyrics.”